Order the 2015 Lalo Alcaraz Cartoon Calendar! Do it!

November 19, 2014

Order your own gut busting 2015 Lalo Alcaraz Cartoon Calendar, just in time for Mexmas! It features 12 glossy, hard-hitting and hilarious full color editorial cartoons and La Cucaracha sunday comics, plus lots of made up and real holidays and historical fun facts! It’s a holiday tradition, and a really affordable, unique and edumacational gift for all ages!

Mailorder one or more today!

Send $20 for one calendar, $40 for two, $50 for three, $65 for four, $75 for five, and if you want more than that, I love you, so email me directly!

If you insist on sending a check to the Calendar factory, please make checks payable to EDUARDO LOPEZ and mail to:

LALO ALCARAZ STUDIO, 6745 S. Washington #156, Whittier, CA 90601

For Credit Cards etc, use convenient Paypal! Gracias!

Paypal link for ONE Calendar:

Paypal link for TWO Calendars:

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Paypal link for FIVE Calendars:

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Sebastien De La Cruz: Super Mariachi

June 17, 2013

By popular demand, I drew this cartoon in honor of San Antonio native Sebastien De La Cruz, who sang the US National Anthem at the NBA finals on live television, only to be attacked viciously on Twitter by racist morons. Much to the San Antonio Spurs credit, Sebastien was invited to sing again, and did so, flawlessly. And now prints are available for purchase, signed by myself. The 12″ x 18″ prints are glossy and sturdy, and are only $20 each, plus $5.95 for shipping and handling.

It will take me at least a week or two to get them out to you via USPS, have patience, I am a one-man band here. Please click on the Paypal Shopping Cart button and follow the instructions.

¡Gracias for your support!

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Disney’s Trademarked Dia De Los Muertos Muerto Mouse signed prints for sale

May 11, 2013

This week the Disney Corporation planned to trademark one of the most beloved Mexican holidays, Dia de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. Their plans were derailed by thousands and thousands of outraged people in social media, and me.

Thanks to the urging of those on Facebook and Twitter, I was moved to create a visual response to the Disney desmadre and PR disaster by drawing “Muerto Mouse,” a fictional movie poster that captures that company’s disastrous attempt to claim trademarks for the day we remember our dead relatives and ancestors. (The holiday only has origins from around five to ten thousand years ago, give or take a thousand years) Muerto Mouse, a giant calavera mouse, is depicted destroying a city in his quest to “trademark your cultura.”

Due to further popular demand, and coverage by Pocho.com, the Guardian UK, CNN, FOX, NBCLatino, CBS, you name it, (this image went viral like crazy!) I am making prints available for sale here, signed by the artist hisself! The 12″ x 18″ prints are glossy and sturdy, and are only $20 each, plus $5.95 for shipping and handling.

It will take me at least a week or two to get them out to you via USPS, have patience, I am a one-man band here. Please click on the Paypal Shopping Cart button and follow the instructions.


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¡A Viva Voz! Cartoonista: An Evening with Lalo Alcaraz (at UT Austin!)

March 28, 2013

I will be speaking at UT Austin’s Benson Latin American Collection this coming Thursday April 4th!

Please check out the details here for my triumphant return to Tejas!

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(Non) Hateletter O’ The Day on September 11

December 04, 2012

(This letter made my day today. Not everyday that happens, tho hateletters usually crack me up.)


Mr. Lalo Alcaraz,

On September 11, 2012, I looked through the comic strips of the San Diego Union and noticed you were one of only two artists that dedicated your work to the people who lost their lives on that fateful day 11 years ago.  Thank you very much sir.

I am a retired Navy man and a staunch conservative republican, so I am aware our views on most issues are 180 degrees out.  Our differences are petty compared to what the families and friends of the victims have had to endure.  On 9/11, you did not forget and neither did I….I will never forget.  To this day, it brings tears to my eyes just to think of the suffering and loss of life we witnessed as a nation….as brothers and sisters.

I have not missed a single “La Cucaracha” strip for the last three months and I am a fan for life.

My family wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  May God bless you all.


Curtis B.

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Upcoming Holiday Sales Events

December 01, 2012

I am working on these and other small paintings for the upcoming sales events at Self Help Graphics. Please come by and pick up some affordable and unique AND BADASS art and craft!

Saturday, Dec. 8th Monsters of Print, 3pm to 10pm at Self Help Graphics

Sunday, Dec. 9th Self Help Graphics Holiday Craft and Art Fair , noon to 6pm

SHG is at 1300 East 1st Street  Los Angeles, CA 90033 (323) 881-6444  and


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Small Business Sabado + Cybercholo Monday SALE!

November 24, 2012

VOTERIA Democrats by Lalo Alcaraz






Please shop here and at your local small businesses. (That’s ME)  Why, just on this site alone you can pick up signed election year themed prints by me, and (thru Cybercholo Monday) you can pick up deeply discounted pre-order 2013 Lalo Alcaraz Good Luck Cartoon Calendars! More items are coming soon!

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10 year anniversary of La Cucaracha

November 23, 2012



Today is the 10th anniversary of La Cucaracha,

my nationally syndicated comic strip. You’re welcome.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me all these years.

-lalo alcaraz

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A great non-hateletter written to this cartoonist

November 22, 2012

I just received this last week, and I thought I’d share a non-hateletter for once.-lalo

Dear sir-
I’m not sure how to word this email, but I know it must be sent.

Years ago I moved from my beloved SoCal, in the I.E., to the Rocky Mountain west.
Recently I happened to StumbleUpon one of your comic strips, and the following 3 thoughts crossed my mind, in this order:

1.) This strip is funny. I wish it was in our paper here.
2.) I remember this. It brings back fond memories of my California home.
3.) Oh crap. I emailed this cartoonist a really shitty message a long time ago about how his strip wasn’t as good as, say, Boondocks, and needed to quit wasting space on the funny pages.

I do not recall what possessed me to take the time to email you back then. I really don’t. & I doubt you even remember it. But it was inappropriate, uncalled for, and I’m sorry. Please keep up the good work.


(I removed his last name because I’m too lazy to ask permission)

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Lalo Alcaraz signed prints for sale

October 10, 2012

The time is NOW to order your own shiny and gorgeous signed Lalo Alcaraz  12″ x 18″ color prints. These make a unique and thoughtful gift, for reals! We are only Paypal enabled at this time. Choose from “Show me Your Papers,” “Diego del Ocho y La Chilinfrida,” “Zootador, ”Dream Girl,” “VOTE Calavera”, or “Voteria” or from either (OR BOTH) “Voteria” prints, the Republican or the Democratic version for $25 each, shipping included,  (takes about a 10 days). Beat the Xmas Rush!

SIGNED PRINTS ARE  $25 each, includes shipping, order buttons are below after larger images.

“Show Me Your Papers” “Diego del Ocho y la Chilinfrida” “Zootador” “Dream Girl”
Vote Calavera by Lalo Alcaraz VOTERIA Democrats by Lalo Alcaraz
“VOTE Calavera”"Voteria” Democratic Edition”Voteria” Republican Edition  VOTERIA Republican by Lalo Alcaraz
Show Me Your Papers, $25
“Diego del Ocho y la Chilinfrida” $25

“Zootador” $25

“DREAM Girl” $25

“VOTE Calavera” $25

“Voteria” Democratic Edition $25

“Voteria” Republican Edition $25

If you have any questions, please email me at laloalcaraz at yahoo dot com.

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