It’s almost the end of the year, so that means it’s time once again to order your shiny new LALO ALCARAZ 2024 CARTOON CALENDAR!

Also, it is time to celebrate the TWENTY-FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the launch of my daily comic strip, La Cucaracha! Thank you for your enduring support!

I promise to keep you sane and somewhat amused in 2024 through cartoons and other online chingaderas, but one way I can do it every day is if you buy my 2024 Cartoon y La Cucaracha Calendar.

It always contains at least a dozen glossy and gorgeous full-color smart ‘n’ funny fresh cartoons from my editorial cartoon portfolio and selections from La Cucaracha and plenty of real and made-up holidays and other important dates important only to me!

Please order today, so you can receive your calendar(s) in time for Christmas and 2024.

Yes, they make great gifts, please order enough for your whole Xmas list! Calendars will be mailed to you, they are going to the printer ASAP, and should be ready to mail out within a couple of weeks. Thanks for your super supportive patience!

Order your calendars by clicking one of the buttons below (you can use your credit cards on PayPal) por favor. I will ship your calendars the minute they get back from the printer.

The 2024 Cartoon Calendar is still an inflation beater: A bargain at $22.95!

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