VOTERIA Democrats by Lalo Alcaraz






Please shop here and at your local small businesses. (That’s ME)  Why, just on this site alone you can pick up signed election year themed prints by me, and (thru Cybercholo Monday) you can pick up deeply discounted pre-order 2013 Lalo Alcaraz Good Luck Cartoon Calendars! More items are coming soon!

Small Business Sabado + Cybercholo Monday SALE! | 2012 | artwork | Comments (3)

3 Responses to “Small Business Sabado + Cybercholo Monday SALE!”

  1. jp says:

    Wow as an artist you still suck at being a beaner. better get a lawnmower wetback!

  2. Morocco Mole says:

    Think you’ll ever do another cartoon without a Mitt Romney theme?

  3. David Hutchings says:

    Dear Mr. Alcaraz,

    Very funny cartoon in the UT San Diego today.

    Best, david h

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