Occupy Wall Street by Lalo Alcaraz

Occupy Wall Street by Lalo Alcaraz

OCCUPY WALL STREET version of my new poster | 2011 | artwork | Comments (9)

9 Responses to “OCCUPY WALL STREET version of my new poster”

  1. Nancy in Spokane says:


  2. guillermo says:

    Se lo saluda, maestro

  3. John Protevi says:

    Love this. Can I put it on my blog as part of my “OWS poster of the day”? I can link back to this site. Thanks, JP


  4. The wall street poster is hall of fame material. I missed your show downtown, can I order any of your work from your website?
    Please advise. I have enjoyed and respected your strip for years; up there with Pogo and L’il Abner!!!

  5. Nick Jameson says:

    Awesome poster! Can I use it to promote my project at Kickstarter.com?

    Project URL:


    Thanks -


  6. coral says:

    These posters are designed for movement on Wall Street
    I would use it in march
    Hope for peace in the world


  7. Daniel Micah says:

    May Occupy Albany use this graphic as an image for outreach, please?

    In solidarity,

  8. Anna Wise says:

    Could I please have copyright permission to use the photo from this article?
    Thank you.

    Anna Wise

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