I will have the new Occupy LA posters available at my LALO ALCARAZ Heritage Month: 500 Years of Art, Comics & Satire Closing Reception at the Mexican Cultural Institute saturday afternoon, El Centro del Pueblo’s Dia De Los Muertos event in Echo Park, also this Saturday, and at Uptown Whittier’s DOD Festival 11am -5pm on Sunday.

After I posted that on my Facebook page, a poster posted this:

Love it…but w/o Wall Street we wouldn’t have Facebook for you to post it on…so it’s a double edge sword…I love your work.

I wrote back:

Are you making a joke? Its not a double edged sword, you have got to be kidding

She then posted:

No…Lalo Alcaraz…I am not kidding. I love you and your work. Keep up the dialogue. Are not the papers your work is shown in, corporate entities? I know things are not great now…let’s look for solutions. I believe you yourself are one of the answers…create your work and get the message out. No one said we were all going to agree all the time. Viva la diference. Have a great day!

I finally went off:

Corporations and Wall St. are not doing us any favors, they are making money off of US. If you believe otherwise, you are not clear on the Occupy Wall St. issue or any of the recent economic disasters going on for the past 30 years!

I want Wall Street and all who benefit from our economy to give up their monopolistic control of the economy so that it is more equitable for all. YOU are suggesting some kind of shadow “communist” critique, no one is calling for the destruction of capitalism, the rich have perverted it enough. We want fairness.

And I hope that clarifies what Occupy Wall Street is about for anybody still fuzzy on the subject. Back to the drawing board!

lalo alcaraz :-{>



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