The time is NOW to order your own shiny and gorgeous signed Lalo Alcaraz  12″ x 18″ color prints. These make a unique and thoughtful gift, for reals! We are only Paypal enabled at this time. Choose from “Show me Your Papers,” “Diego del Ocho y La Chilinfrida,” “Zootador, ”Dream Girl,” “VOTE Calavera”, or “Voteria” or from either (OR BOTH) “Voteria” prints, the Republican or the Democratic version for $25 each, shipping included,  (takes about a 10 days). Beat the Xmas Rush!

SIGNED PRINTS ARE  $25 each, includes shipping, order buttons are below after larger images.

“Show Me Your Papers” “Diego del Ocho y la Chilinfrida” “Zootador” “Dream Girl”
Vote Calavera by Lalo Alcaraz VOTERIA Democrats by Lalo Alcaraz
“VOTE Calavera”"Voteria” Democratic Edition”Voteria” Republican Edition  VOTERIA Republican by Lalo Alcaraz
Show Me Your Papers, $25
“Diego del Ocho y la Chilinfrida” $25

“Zootador” $25

“DREAM Girl” $25

“VOTE Calavera” $25

“Voteria” Democratic Edition $25

“Voteria” Republican Edition $25

If you have any questions, please email me at laloalcaraz at yahoo dot com.

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