Lalo Alcaraz & Patt Morrison at Southern California Public Radio's sweeeet newish studios

I am a longtime Patt Morrison fan, and was happy to be invited to be on her show on LA’s KPCC and Southern California Public Radio, daily from 1-3pm PST. We talked about Pochismo, the Presidential Race, satire, and of course, the man of the moment, @MexicanMitt. You can listen to the show here, or catch it at the end of this review by SCPR’s awesome Multi-American Blog.

Lalo Alcaraz on Patt Morrison’s Radio Show on KPCC in LA | 2012 | artwork | Comments (1)

One Response to “Lalo Alcaraz on Patt Morrison’s Radio Show on KPCC in LA”

    You got the “working stay at home mom” of Ann Romney EXACTLY CORRECT!!!
    Love you for that!
    I have been screaming for weeks about her stay at home mom. Now I can stop because you have taken up the cause and real truth of her non-working position.
    Thank you a 1000000000000 x’s!!!

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