La Cucaracha Bug Blog vs. Alabama- un pinche comic by Lalo Alcaraz | 2011 | artwork | Comments (2)

2 Responses to “La Cucaracha Bug Blog vs. Alabama- un pinche comic by Lalo Alcaraz”

  1. Hello – Dear Sir – i saw what looked liked a photoshop blend of Jan Brewer and the WIcked WItch of the west – and thought that this was a perfect blend – surprised it hadnt actually been done before – my question can you make it vailable as something to down load , post on your FB – i think that could go viral or make a great t shirt – thank s for any response – Barry from VLG

  2. Frank Valdez says:

    Your comic strip regarding the senate being a club for white men got me thinking. I know of at least three Latinos in the senate. 3% is not much but it’s better than the percentage of whites in La Raza. Do as we say, not as we do? By the way, we Latinos have minds and reason independently. We are not cattle who vote for give support to people based on race. Some of us are sensible enough to vote for what’s right, not to give our people, and only our people, special advantages.

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