Migra Mouse kindly points the way to my Steve Jobs altar.

Steve Jobs Altar at Day of the Dead Hollywood Forever Cemetery event

Day of the Dead Altar to Steve Jobs by Lalo Alcaraz | 2011 | artwork | Comments (3)

3 Responses to “Day of the Dead Altar to Steve Jobs by Lalo Alcaraz”

  1. G├╝iliam says:

    Nice, but to be a “traditional” altar, you need a picture of the dead one, “ofrendas” (offerings?) like food he used to like when he was alive, and of course, at least an iPod.

    Is that a real Cempaz├║chitl? Nice touch, though.

  2. Rona Tuccillo says:

    Please e-mail me, I am working on a college textbook for Pearson Publishers and would like to obtain a copy of your cartoon, La cucaracha. thanks.

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