We had a fun time at the Mexican Cultural Institute last night for the Cucaracha Crawl slide show and guided tour of my 500 Year Retrospective show.

Cisco and I avoid Migra Mouse's intimidating stare.

My buddy and comedian Cisco brought his kids and his 2-year old laughed the whole time, especially at totally inappropriate moments. I’m thinking of hiring this kid to come to all my lectures. Jarritos and Coba were generous sponsors of the event, as was KPFK 90.7FM  Radio, the proud media sponsor, who attended in full force. Also, a dwindling bottle of Jose Cuervo was co-sponsor, ifyouknowwhatImean. The show is up for another two weeks, so please come down to Placita Olvera and check out from 20 to 500 years worth of my art, comics and satire.

Ray & Alice and the kids

Ray & Alice's kids brought their very young Chicano John Belushi-esque charm to the Cuca Crawl.

The show is kid friendly, so bring the whole extended familia, hours are Wednesday-Sunday from 12-5pm. School tours are welcome, contact the MCI for more information at 125 Paseo de la Plaza, Los Angeles, CA, 90012-2981. Phone: (213) 624-3660 or email [email protected]


- lalo alcaraz  ;-{>

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