I just received this last week, and I thought I’d share a non-hateletter for once.-lalo

Dear sir-
I’m not sure how to word this email, but I know it must be sent.

Years ago I moved from my beloved SoCal, in the I.E., to the Rocky Mountain west.
Recently I happened to StumbleUpon one of your comic strips, and the following 3 thoughts crossed my mind, in this order:

1.) This strip is funny. I wish it was in our paper here.
2.) I remember this. It brings back fond memories of my California home.
3.) Oh crap. I emailed this cartoonist a really shitty message a long time ago about how his strip wasn’t as good as, say, Boondocks, and needed to quit wasting space on the funny pages.

I do not recall what possessed me to take the time to email you back then. I really don’t. & I doubt you even remember it. But it was inappropriate, uncalled for, and I’m sorry. Please keep up the good work.


(I removed his last name because I’m too lazy to ask permission)

A great non-hateletter written to this cartoonist | 2012 | artwork | Comments (0)

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