Can you hear me now, brain?

Hola, I apologize for anyone reading my stale last post, let’s just say I have been a little busy in the last few months. Un short update:

  • My web startup has launched and been active for over 6 months, serving over 500 stories and a pochotrillion page views
  • The book I illustrated, and authored by Ilan Stavans, Latino USA: A Cartoon History, 15th Anniversary Edition has been released (it’s the paperback 2nd edition really)
  • I have signed a new book deal along with Mr. Stavans, and we are working this year on our new history graphic novel book, I forget the title at this moment, but it’s comin!
  • My good friend @MexicanMitt has become a Twitter sensation, and has been covered by all sorts of media, and has been named by Politico as in the Top 10 Funniest Parody Political Twitter accounts
  • I was on the Rachel Maddow Show talking about Self-Deportation
  • I got a TV deal, and am writing an animated TV pilot for a major TV network. Yes, I said TV
  • I am writing and drawing a comic book story for the awesome Bongo Comics, home of Bart Simpson and his yellow complected family whose last name escapes me.
  • I am writing a kids book with lots of funny comics in it
  • A new writing partner and I are working on a cool book concept that will blow everyone out of the water but I can’t tell you what it is yet
  • I joined the faculty of Otis College of Art & Design in L.A., teaching Editorial Illustration
  • I have become a contributor to NBC Latino, and have posted many snarky and not so snarky video posts about stuff happening in the news
  • I am drawing my daily La Cucaracha plus editorial cartoons not only for my syndicate, Universal Uclick, but also for The Frying Pan and El Diario New York
  • And what may explain everything above, I have gotten a sponsorship from Red Bull. It gives you wings. And some jitters

And I’m sure I forgot something, oh, like I was named in L.A. Weekly’s Most Interesting People in L.A. of 2012. That was cool. ¬†And since 2005 I have been doing my radio show, KPFK 90.7 FM’s Pocho Hour of Power, with guests like Sandra Bernhard, Los Lobos and Mr. Paul Mooney. So, please forgive me for not posting new stuff, just check back here, or at or at my Twitter @laloalcaraz and you will get plenty of self-promotion, humorous tidbits and outrageously righteous proclamations about stuff happening in the news. Gracias!

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